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Jonathan Majors was worried his career would be ruined if the public found out about his volatile behavior, accuser testifies

Jonathan Majors, looks backs at reporters while leaving Manhattan Criminal court after a pre-trial hearing in August 2023.
  • Jonathan Majors' ex-girlfriend and assault accuser testified at his high-profile trial on Tuesday.
  • Grace Jabbari said Majors was worried his career would be ruined over bad publicity about him.
  • Majors was angry on the day of the alleged assault because he worried word of his outbursts would tank his career.

Jonathan Majors' ex-girlfriend and assault accuser testified on Tuesday that the Marvel actor was worried his Hollywood career would be ruined if the public found out about his alleged outbursts and volatile temper.

Grace Jabbari, 30, testified in Majors' high-profile Manhattan criminal trial that on the March night she alleges Majors attacked her in the backseat of a car, the "Creed III" star told her that he was angry Jabbari told his manager about his past behavior.

Majors worried that news stories would get out and torpedo his career, Jabbari told the jury.

Jabbari, a dancer instructor from the UK who met Majors in 2021 on the set of Marvel's "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania," broke down on the witness stand multiple times on Tuesday as she accused Majors of having a raging temper and exploding on her over the course of their two-year relationship.

Majors, 34, faces four charges of misdemeanor assault and harassment in connection to the March 25 incident and has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

He has denied wrongdoing and accused Jabbari of being violent toward him.

Jabbari told the jury on Tuesday that she and Majors were on their way to a play at the Brooklyn Academy of Music when Majors told her he was upset about what she said to his manager. Jabbari said the actor masked his anger as soon as the couple arrived at the theater.

"He became a bit more in performance mode," Jabbari said. "Knowing that he was being seen by his peers, the public."

Jabbari testified that after the show, the couple went to a restaurant nearby, but the mood remained dour and Majors even threatened suicide.

She said Majors told her, "because of the conversation that I had had that he was going to kill himself. That he was a monster."

"[He was] blaming me and saying that he was going to kill himself. I said 'Don't do it. Think of your family,'" said Jabbari.

Jabbari detailed the alleged assault that led to Majors' arrest during her testimony

Jabbari then testified about the alleged assault at the center of the case.

She said the altercation took place as the couple was in the backseat of a car on their way back home to Manhattan that night.

During the ride, Jabbari said a text popped up on Majors' phone, saying, "Wish I was kissing you." Majors, she recalled, got defensive, telling her, "It's not what it looks like. It's not what it looks like."

But Jabbari immediately thought the worst.

"I was taken aback," Jabbari said. "Of all the problems in the relationship, I never thought that infidelity would be one of them."

Jabbari said that she then snatched the phone out of Majors' hand to try to get a look at who the sender was; that's when she says the alleged assault began.

"I felt the weight of him on top of me," Jabbari told the jury. "I felt him trying to pry the phone away from me."

She said that she hunched with the phone close to her chest in both hands, turning away from Majors as he grabbed for the device.

"Next, I felt like a really hard blow across my head," Jabbari testified, adding, "It felt like a hard impact to the back of my head. I felt a lot of pain and I sat back and that's when he got the phone back from my hand."

No video footage exists of the alleged assault and the driver of the car is not expected to testify that he saw the fight, according to Majors' attorney Priya Chaudhry.

During her testimony, Jabbari admitted to grabbing Majors when he tried to leave the car in the middle of the ordeal.

"I grabbed him and pulled the button off his jacket and he yelled, became angry and yelled, 'Look what you have done,'" Jabbari said.

Chaudhry says that Jabbari scratched the movie star's face and ripped his jacket, while prosecutors allege Majors broke Jabbari's finger, twisted her arm, and struck her in the ear, causing it to bleed.

Jabbari was arrested over his allegation of misdemeanor assault in November, but Manhattan prosecutors ultimately dropped all charges.

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