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Apple TV app for Mac is getting a redesign with a new sidebar

Apple TV app for Mac is getting a redesign with a new sidebar

The Apple TV app could soon get a redesign for its Mac version, as the latest beta of macOS 13.3 hints at this possibility. As discovered by 9to5Mac, this new version of the TV app will finally feature a sidebar, which the iPad version has had since iOS 15.2.

It's important to note that this redesign is still unavailable to beta testers, as the publication had to do "a bit of trickery" to activate the new design. Here's what's different.

As you can see in the image, Apple is ditching the upper tabs for "Watch now," "TV Plus," "Store," and "Library" to these pieces of information in the new sidebar. This design tweak is split into four different tabs: Apple TV, Store, Library, and Playlists.

Apple TV for Mac
Image source: 9to5Mac

In the Apple TV tab, you can switch between Watch Now, which contains information on all the current shows you're watching, including what you could enjoy next, and the Apple TV Plus section, which shows all Apple Original content.

In the Store section, as you can imagine, you can buy and rent TV shows and movies from the old-school iTunes Store. The Library section, on its way, offers all information regarding the library of content you already own. What you recently bought, rented, and the different categories for TV shows, 4K HDR, Downloadedm Home Sharing, and more.

While that's about it for the redesign of the Apple TV app on the Mac, at least Apple is finally bringing some consistency between apps and operating systems, as the sidebar has been available for quite a while on the iPad and the Mac.

macOS 13.3, which should be available in the next couple of weeks, also brings 30+ new emoji support and the new Home architecture that Apple pulled out with macOS 13.1 due to bugs. BGR will let you know if Apple adds this new Apple TV app design in the next beta updates.

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Title: Apple TV app for Mac is getting a redesign with a new sidebar
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