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CARROT Weather is the latest app to add ChatGPT AI support

CARROT Weather is the latest app to add ChatGPT AI support

Popular weather app CARROT just released a major update with version 5.10, which brings the wonders of ChatGPT for the lovers of the app's existing sarcastic AI. With this integration, CARROT users can have an actual conversation with the app's AI.

Here's how the developer expects you to interact with it: "Ask me to play a text adventure game, write a procedural crime drama, or tell you what I really think of my Maker. You can even fine-tune my personality to change how I’ll respond."

That said, it's important to note that ChatGPT is just a fun integration with the app, as you only get five free messages, and then it asks you to tip to continue the conversation due to the high cost of the ChatGPT API.

In addition, CARROT has expanded the high-quality radar for every European country, including Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. This includes access to the Inspector feature, which requires the Premium Ultra tier, and support for changing the color palette.

The app is also expanding weather alerts, so users can get push notifications from the government in Canada, Europe, and Israel, including support for monitoring multiple locations and adding Critical Alerts and mute filters.

With version 5.10, you can also receive alerts about nearby lightning strikes in Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean. Last but not least, with Premium Ultra, you can use NEXRAD Level 3 derived products to track severe weather, such as Accumulation Array, Storm Total Accumulation, Hydrometeor Classification, Storm Relative Velocity, Enhanced Echo Tops, and Vertically Integrated Liquid.

CARROT Weather has also added three new secret locations to track down, redesigned storm cells to improve their legibility on the map, and also fixed the Time Machine to allow travel back to the future.

The app is free to download, but it offers three different tiers of subscriptions to unlock additional features.

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By: José Adorno
Title: CARROT Weather is the latest app to add ChatGPT AI support
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